My New Campaign

Prologue 2

Morituuus and his two minions Orkorkork and Narg teleported to a location on the eastern coast of Targonia, searching for the secret lair of Sutirom. It was a couple days after Sutirom’s attack on Morituuus’s stronghold. The map showed them a cave hidden in a cove along the rocky shore. They were about two weeks’ ride northeast of Targon, but Morituuus’ teleportation had taken them right there.

The party started exploring the cave and encountered traps of little consequence. It wasn’t until they had gotten to the very last cavern in the deepest corner of the cave that they found anything of interest. They found an enormous rectangular cavern with a checkerboard patterned floor, black and white squares. Located at the far end of the room was a huge treasure chest that took up two spaces. Half on a white square and half on a black square.

Standing next to the large treasure chest on either side where two massive stone statues in the shape of huge hulk of a man with massive arms and chest and a noticeably large boxy head. One of the statues appeared to be carved out of pure white marble, while the other statues was black stone. The white statue standing on a white square and the black one on a black square.

The moment that Morituuus steps onto the checkerboard floor, the two statues come to life. They jump straight ahead, skipping over a square as they jump. Morituuus reacts by throwing his strongest spells at it. First he tries manaburn, which dissipates as it reaches the statues. Then he tries elemental magic, first fire and then ice. Neither spell does any good, as the statues continue jumping across the room.

Morituus yells at Orkorkork, “Don’t just stand there, you worthless lummox. Go fight them…”

The white statue can only stand on the white squares and the black statue on the black squares. They are knocked back and take damage if they’re on an opposite square. They can only travel by jumping two squares vertically or horizontally. It can’t travel diagonally.

Morituuus tells Orkorkork to use a blunt instrument and that the statues can’t travel diagonally.

Eventually Morituuus realizes that he can beat the white statue by singeing the white squares black with his fire magic.

After defeating the statues, Morituuus goes up to the statues and disables the traps on it. He finds a staff, and orb and a scroll in the chest. He very carefully checks the objects. He finds that the orb has a nasty curse on it. Then he identifies the staff as a weapon of middling power.

Morituuus remarks, “This scroll better be good.”

The moment that he rolls opens up the scroll, a blinding flash fills the room. Orkorkork and Narg are blinded for a minute. It takes them a while to readjust to their surroundings. And when they are back to their senses, instead of their master Morituuus, they find a bright colored green parrot. They stare at the bird for a moment, and after a beat, they bird squawks, “Fuck.”



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